Using Our Products On a Tablet

How to use our curriculum on a tablet device.

You can reduce the printing costs of any lesson packets or curriculum by using an app like Noteshelf or Goodnotes. We still recommend that you print out any cut out pages for fun hands on engagement. 


Paper like feel with these screen covers.

Noteshelf Instructions (GoodNotes app works similarly) 

       1. Open Noteshelf
Launch the Noteshelf app on your device.

  1. Import PDF: Tap the “+” button to create a new notebook.

    • Select "Import Document" from the options.

    • Choose the location where your PDF is stored (e.g., Files app, cloud storage, email).

  2. Select PDF:

    • Navigate to the folder where your PDF is saved.

    • Tap on the PDF file you want to import.

  3. Open the PDF:

    • The selected PDF will open in Noteshelf as a new notebook.

  4. Annotate PDF:

    • Use the toolbar at the top to select annotation tools:

      • Pen Tool: For writing or drawing on the PDF.

      • Highlighter Tool: To highlight text or areas.

      • Text Tool: To add typed text.

      • Eraser Tool: To erase any mistakes.

      • Shapes Tool: To add shapes like circles, squares, or lines.

      • Lasso Tool: To select and move annotations.

    • Adjust the color, thickness, and style of the tools as needed.

  5. Write on PDF:

    • Use your stylus or finger to start writing, drawing, or highlighting on the PDF pages.

  6. Save:

    • Once you are done annotating, you can save your changes.

  7. Organize:

    • You can organize your annotated PDFs within Noteshelf by creating folders or notebooks.


  • Bookmark Pages: Use the bookmark feature to mark important pages for quick access.

  • Search: Use the search function to find specific words or annotations within the PDF.

Backup: Regularly back up your annotated PDFs to cloud storage to prevent data loss.